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Seasonings have a remarkable impact on your food’s flavour profile, contributing up to 85% of the overall taste whilst representing less than 1% of the cost. That’s why selecting the right manufacturer is crucial.

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We stock over 300 herbs, spices and seasonings blended in Australia from local and imported ingredients.

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Top-Selling Seasoning Blends

The Original Flavon® Chicken Salt

The flagship in our range. The Original Chicken Salt – the secret ingredient behind tasty hot chips from famous fast food establishments. 

GF/ Veg/ Halal

Memphis Rub

This blend is inspired by the greatest BBQ traditions for which Memphis is renowned. We have blended ground spices to create this classic, sweet and spicy BBQ Dry Rub that’s the perfect balance of sweetness and heat sensation. Rub 1 tbsp (15-20g) per kilo on any protein for that succulent finish and crust.

Kosher/ Halal/ GF

Barrero Portuguese Seasoning

A modern twist on the traditional Portuguese flavour, this is a rich and spicy seasoning blend of ingredients with zesty citric undertones. Perfectly suited for chicken and seafood dishes, simply add 1 tablespoon (15-20g) per 1 kilogram of protein for an unforgettable burst of flavour. You can also use it as a mouthwatering wet marinade to finish as a basting sauce. Just mix 2 tablespoons (40g) of the seasoning per 250ml of oil. Great on pasta and rice

GF/Veg/ Halal

BBQ Provencale

A mix of natural aromatic French herbs and spices in the authentic tradition, BBQ Provencale is one of our signature blends. From succulent meats to flavourful poultry and delicate seafood, this French-inspired blend effortlessly infuses each ingredient with the flavours of the Mediterranean. Simply sprinkle 15-20g before baking, grilling or marinating.


Cajun Seasoning

A hot and spicy blend of authentic Cajun spices bringing you the flavours from the deep south of Louisiana. Perfect on meat, poultry and seafood, sprinkle generously before barbecuing, approximately 1 tbsp (15-20g) per kilo of protein.


Szechuan Seasoning

Suitable on meat and poultry, simply sprinkle over your protein prior to baking, stir frying or barbecuing. Perfect on wings. A mix of sweetness with a hint of spiciness.

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