Krio Krush seasons prime cuts in Hong Kong, 2017 Meat @ HOFEX

This year Krio Krush featured some of its Flavour Fresh range and Foodservice range at the HOFEX 2017 Sutherland Gastronomy & United Federation of Butchers.

HOFEX 2017 is hosted in Hong Kong, where top meat traders* like Sutherland Gastronomy, and global meat experts from Argentina, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Scotland, Spain, U.K., U.S.A and Wales, demonstrate the best and unique meat cutting, preparing and cooking techniques to the 38,053 visitors from around Asia.

Krio’s HOFEX range featured some of their uniquely created and praised flavours such as Barrero Portuguese Seasoning, BBQ Provencale, Australian Outback Dry Rub, Nam Prik Seasoning, Zesty seasoning and so many more!

Take a look at the convention highlights and some delicious, high quality meat cuts from all over the world.

The Meat @ HOFEX is not short on entertainment either; besides numerous live demoes and talks, the visitors can watch the various challenges and competitions, such as The 2nd Butchery Skills Challenge, HOFEX 2017 Butchery Competition an the 5th Spanish Ham Slicing Competition.

*Other participating traders / key exhibitors:
Association of Polish Butchers, Coren Group, Danish Agriculture & Food Council, EBLEX, Hungarian Tourism Ltd, Quality Meat Scotland, Saison Food Service Ltd, Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX), Sutherland, US Meat Export Federation, Vandrie Group.