HOFEX 2017 Butchery Competition highlights

Sutherland Hong Kong, successfully launch another butchery competition at the HOFEX 2017 convention. It was co-hosted with institutes from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States.

Take a look at these incredibly skilled butchers from around the world. This year the contestants showcased their:

  • speed and craftsmanship of butchery skills
  • creativity of the primal and secondary cuts
  • cost effectiveness of each cut and convenience for chef’s application in menu planning.
Krio Krush proudly sponsored the competition – the contestant had access to the versatile flavours of the Flavour Fresh range and Foodservice range, including their signature flavours such as Barrero Portuguese Seasoning, BBQ Provencale, Australian Outback Dry Rub, Nam Prik Seasoning, Zesty seasoning and so many more!

HOFEX 2017 Butchery Competition from nufoodalfonso on Vimeo.