11430 Barrero Portuguese Seasoning, GF


A Spicy bright Portuguese flavour with zesty citric undertones.
This zesty citric Portuguese seasoning gives you a modern twist on the traditional Portuguese flavour that Krio Krush is famous for. Ideal with chicken and seafood. Simply add 1tbsp (15-20g) to 1kg of protein. Alternatively use as a wet marinade to finish as a basting sauce. 2Tbsp (40g) per 250ml oil.

1) Recommended usage for dry Seasoning: Use approx. 20g of seasoning to 1Kg of meat, chicken, seafood.

2) Recommended usage for wet marinade; Use approx. 50g per 250mls of oil. Mix through and marinade.

3) Recommended usage; Sprinkle on before cooking, grilling, baking, BBQ.